Winos in the Media


We're social people and like to pop up in other peoples' blogs and podcasts other than on our own! Check us out as guests elsewhere!


Lucky for us, we were featured on The Offbeat Life Podcast with Debbie Arcangeles! In our episode, we provided tons of information and advice for traveling long-term and working on the computer. We talked about teaching English abroad, teaching English online, how we first became location independent, what it's like being location independent, how someone else can do it, and so much more!

In this fun and informative travel podcast, we talked with Chris Christensen (from The Amateur Traveler), Jen Leo (from the LA Times), and Gary Arndt (from Everything, Everywhere). The five of us gabbed about travel news that week (including butt selfies!) and our experiences with teaching English, both abroad and online. We even got the opportunity to talk with Jen's 9-year-old daughter, Cora, about her first travel assignment.

Digital Travel Guru

In this informative and popular travel blog, we were interviewed in depth about our lives, specifically about our digital nomadic lifestyle!

Not a Ballerina: A Traveller and a Thinker

Being that Marilyn was sick during this particular interview, Matt stepped up and did this interview with Amanda Kendle himself! They talked about all things travel, such as reverse culture shock and much more!

The World Wanderers

In one of their guest podcast episodes, Amanda and Ryan interviewed us about many things, but especially about teaching English abroad.