We're so glad you came! We're a travel... well, everything! A travel podcast, travel vlog, and travel blog! It's the trifecta, if you ask us. Plus, a bottle of wine in each podcast! What could be better than that? 

wino /ˈwīnō/ 
(noun) a person who drinks excessive amounts of cheap wine or other alcohol, especially one who is homeless


The Podcast

In each episode, the two of us drink an entire bottle of wine because why not? Even though it may seem like that would only lead to nonsensical rambling, we actually converse about travel-related topics and provide tons of information on the places we've visited or lived in. The conversation is kept light, fun, and 100% honest! Occasionally, other lovely traveling folks even join us for a chat

*A new podcast episode is released every other Thursday!*

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The Vlog

As much as we love talking about the places we've been and the places we've seen, sometimes we feel we need to follow the ol' "show, don't tell" phrase. We may not drink wine in our videos (most of the time), but we provide our viewers with clear, fun, original, and beautiful videos of our travels.

*New video or blog post every Tuesday!*


The Blog

Every one of our podcast episodes has its very own detailed blog post. We cover a lot in our episodes and like to provide our listeners/readers with some extra info, links, pictures, videos, and more. No info-dry show notes for this podcast! 

Plus, we even release extra blog posts that aren't tied in with the podcast for extra information and fun!

*New blog post or video every Tuesday!*

The two of us are quite social. We'd love to connect with you on any and all of our many social networks.

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