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Backpacking Vietnam (Part 1) (Episode 4)

Learn how to backpack through Vietnam. Matt and Marilyn will backpack through all of Vietnam from top to bottom.On part one of this episode Matt and Marilyn travel from Ho Chi Minh City to Da Nang city. Learn about amazing food, people, and near death experiences on Words with Winos. 

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Accommodation Abroad (Episode 3)

Matt and Marilyn discuss what it's like living abroad, specifically where they have lived. They talk about both the positives, such as cost and provisions, and negatives, such as prostitutes and sketchy landlords. 

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Traveling (Episode 1)

Listen and read Words with Winos - Episode 1 - Traveling. In this episode Matt and Marilyn talk about how and why they began traveling around the world. Learn about the positives and negatives of preparing for long-term travel. 

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