Poppy from Where's Poppy (Interview Episode 12)

We had the incredible opportunity to chat with Poppy from Where's Poppy in our twelfth interview episode! Where's Poppy is a travel vlog with 62,000 subscribers and growing! Poppy is originally from the U.S. and wanders around the globe with her video camera in hand. She first started her global adventures by volunteering in Costa Rica in 2016 and hasn't stopped since.

In our conversation, the three of us talked about:

  • Where's Poppy, Poppy's well-known travel vlog
  • Poppy's experiences volunteering in places like Costa Rica, Mexico, and Romania
  • Sleeping in the middle of a jungle with a bed full of scorpions AND ants!
  • Her worst experience traveling (hint: it was awful and every traveler's nightmare!)
  • Why she continued to travel even after her worst experience traveling and returning home
  • Why she began traveling in the first place and why she'll never be a part of the 9-5 American lifestyle
  • Why she moved to China and specifically Shenzhen
  • Her experience in the Philippines and why she hated it...mostly, besides the magical beaches
  • What visa she has when living in China
  • Where she will be going to live next
  • Why it's difficult for her (and us!) to talk with friends about traveling
  • What made her start travel vlogging, even though she hated being on camera!
  • The negative comments she gets when not being politically correct in China
  • Advice for both aspiring travelers and travel vloggers

And so much more!

You can check out Where's Poppy on her travel vlog and her travel blog

You can also connect with Poppy on Facebook and Instagram.

Thank you for being on the show, Poppy! We had an awesome time chatting with you. 

And thank you, listeners, for tuning in! Cheers and happy travels!

Wine: Sedlecka Vina - Cabernet Sauvignon (Moravia in Czech Republic)