Teaching English Online (Live) (Episode 28)

We recorded our first ever live episode on both Facebook and Youtube-- and it was a huge success! We had plenty of interactions with listeners and--duh-- plenty of wine! We covered all things about our online Teaching English jobs with VIPKID.

In this live podcast, we talked about:

  • Why we teach English online with the China-based company VIPKID

  • What is VIPKID and why it's rated #1 Best Remote Job on Forbe's

  • The basic needs for applying for VIPKID

  • The plethora of pros, like making your own schedule, teaching students one-on-one, the excellent pay, pre-made teaching materials, and more

  • The few cons, such as limited interaction with colleagues, the occasional difficulties with communicating with people in China, time difference, and more

  • How we teach English to students in China without knowing any Chinese

  • Which is better to get your TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate: online or in class

  • Why we want to move to Shenzhen, China to teach English in person (for a change!)

  • Our responses to various questions from listeners, like where we are now, the difference between British and American English, if it's possible to get teaching English jobs when you're not a native English speaker, where we're going next, and others

Thank you so much for listening and/or reading! If you'd like more information about VIPKID, check out the blog post below or contact us with your questions. We'd love to answer them!

Wine: Modry Portugal - "Red Wine" (Portugal)


We started teaching English online with VIPKID in January, 2016. It's been quite awhile, but we still love it. Before that, we taught English abroad in Thailand, South Korea, and a bit in Vietnam. However, since switching to working for VIPKID, we've found our lives to have improved drastically. Why? Well, here are the pros of teaching with VIPKID:


  1. Making our own schedules and taking as many vacations and/or working as much as we want

  2. Can work from anywhere with an Internet connection and quiet background

  3. Being able to wear just about anything we want while working-- especially yoga pants!

  4. No commute, since we work from home!

  5. More time for our special interests

  6. Only have to teach students one-on-one for 25 minutes at a time

  7. Great pay! After working there for two years, we make about $23 per hour or so, depending on bonuses and such

  8. We can travel the world and live in different countries with the salary we make and with these jobs

  9. Getting a glimpse into Chinese culture and getting to know each student personally

  10. Only primarily need a Bachelor's degree and be a native English speaker from North America

  11. All teaching materials are made and provided for you in PowerPoint format

  12. Hardly any grading or preparing!

  13. Feedback from parents on how you're doing

  14. Mostly wonderful and fun students!

  15. Possibility for raises

  16. Possibility for other work other than teaching, like interviewing people and others


  1. Sometimes some difficulties contacting people in the head office

  2. Randomly negative feedback from parents, which can negatively affect your "rating"

  3. Lack of camaraderie with co-workers, except for in Facebook groups

  4. VIPKID only hires native-English speakers from the USA and Canada

  5. Can be repetitive-- but, then again, so can most jobs!

  6. Occasionally students that aren't very well-behaved

  7. Occasionally feeling disposable one of thousands of other teachers

  8. Not getting any recognition for doing something well; the company only tends to hone in on the negatives

  9. Dealing with the time difference, since we have to teach on China's time from around 9 AM to 10 PM (It's the worst when working in the USA, since you'd have to work from around 4 AM to 9 AM or so)

Thank you for listening and/or reading! Teaching English online has been incredibly rewarding— and we’re not the only ones who think it’s amazing! If you want more information on VIPKID or other online teaching English jobs, feel free to comment or contact us! We'd be happy to help you and answer any and all of your questions!

Or, if you'd like to apply right now because why the heck not, click below!

What are your thoughts on teaching English online? Would you ever do it? Do you think it is a legitimate career choice?

Wine: Modry Portugal - "Red Wine" (Portugal)

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