Monet from The Traveling Child (Interview Episode 11)

How lucky are we that we got to chat with Monet from The Traveling Child?! We originally discovered her through her feature on Insider Travel, so yeah, she's a pretty big deal. 

The Traveling Child is a blog run by a mother and wife who decided to go against the social norm and not let her wanderlust nature disappear once she and her husband had kids. Even though multiple people in her life told her that she won't be able to travel once she has kids, she didn't let their negative voices stop her! During her vacation time from work, she travels all around the world with her husband and two young daughters, Jordyn (3) and Kennedy (1). Her main goal for the blog is to provide tips to parents on making it easier and more affordable to travel with their kids. 

In our interview episode with her, we discussed tons of things, including but not limited to: 

  • What is The Traveling Child, what are its goals as a blog, and what it can provide to readers
  • The 17 countries that she and her family have traveled to together
  • How Amsterdam is more kid-friendly than one would imagine
  • The meaning behind "If kids live there, kids can travel there"
  • The most and least kid-friendly countries Monet and her family have been to
  • Jordyn and Kennedy's favorite destinations (which will seriously surprise you!)
  • Monet and her husband's jobs in Florida in the USA and how they take advantage of their vacation days
  • Positives and negatives of traveling with children and why the positives far outweigh the negatives
  • What's next for the family
  • Where Monet's daughters desire to travel
  • What it's like to fly with children and how to make it easier for everyone on the flights, such as how to alleviate pressure in baby's ears to lessen crying, when to time flight departures, entertainment packs for the kids, and so much more
  • How it is secretly so much easier to travel with kids than people assume and why it is worth it
  • Stories of flying with her children
  • Tons of tips and tricks for traveling with kids
  • Which domestic and international airlines are the most and least kid-friendly/appreciative 
  • Flight deals (for singles, couples, and families) and where to snag seriously cheap flights
  • Ways to accumulate air miles and free flights
  • Advice for aspiring travelers, whether with or without kids!

Thank you so much for chatting with us, Monet! We had an absolute blast and felt that we learned so much from you!

Be sure to check out Monet on her website The Traveling Child, her Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube!

Thank you all for listening! Cheers!

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