Sasha and Rachel from The Grateful Gypsies (Interview Episode 10)

For our tenth interview episode, we had the opportunity to interview two fellow digital nomads: Sasha and Rachel from the Grateful Gypsies! They even drank their own bottle of wine-- a Pinot Grigio! 

Sasha and Rachel met at a music festival in 2008, but just a month later, Sasha moved to China to teach English, leaving Rachel behind in the U.S. Some time and many messages via the powers of the internet later, they met again at a Phish concert the following year. They moved to Nashville together the same year and searched tirelessly for jobs. But, coming up empty, they made the mutual decision to teach English in China-- but together, this time! They lived and taught there together for five years and since then, they've been waltzing around the world, hand-in-hand.

In our interview with them, we discussed so much fun stuff, including:

  • Puerta Vallarta, Mexico, where they live and digitally work currently
  • The cost breakdown of living in Puerta Vallarta
  • What it's like working for VIPKID, the online company where native English speakers teach English to Chinese students-- where all four of us work! 
  • Why returning home is never as relaxing as they would hope it would be, due to visiting friends and catching as many concerts as possible
  • Their (near) future travel plans, like Medellin, Colombia and TBA South American countries
  • What it's like to teach English in China for five years
  • How the job market in the U.S. gave them the gentle nudge to move to China and work there
  • How they went about learning Mandarin, Indonesian, and some Spanish and Thai
  • The difficulties of learning a new language
  • Spending 8-9 months in Bali and learning the language
  • The internet connection in Bali and how it can affect the digital nomad lifestyle
  • Where the strongest internet connections can be found in Bali

Thank you, Rachel and Sasha, for chatting with us! We had a wonderful time! And thank you all for listening/reading!

Find out more about the Grateful Gypsies and their travels on their blog, Twitter, and Facebook.

Wine: Undurraga - Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile)