Travel Question Game (Episode 14)

In this special episode, Matt and I asked each other travel-related questions. However, instead of thinking of these questions before recording (like in our interview episode), we came up with questions off of the top of our heads while recording and went question for question. The trick, though, was that the person being asked the question was only given one minute to answer. We even used a timer to make sure of that!

Since I don't want to spoil our answers for you by writing them all out here, I'll only list the questions that we asked each other and you can listen to the episode to find out our answers! 

  1. What was your favorite food item in Japan? (Marilyn)
  2. What was your favorite food item in Korea? (Matt)
  3. What was your least favorite food throughout our travels? 
  4. You just won an all-expenses-paid trip to anywhere in the world for a whole week. What country would you go to?
  5. What has been your favorite alcohol that you've come across in all of your travels?
  6. Which places that we've encountered have had the friendliest and least-friendliest people?
  7. Which city did you feel the most uncomfortable in?
  8. If you had to drive a car to get around in any country we've visited, which country would you choose?
  9. Which country or city were you the most disappointed by? 
  10. What country that we've lived in would you be the most excited for your family to visit you in?
  11. If you could re-visit any landmark or sight that we've seen already, which one would you want to see?
  12. If your friends were to visit you in any place that we've lived, where would you want them to visit you?
  13. What is a place that you most desperately want to see in the very near future?
  14. If you had to choose one country's food that we've had to eat for the rest of your life, what country's food would it be and why?
  15. What is something that you really want to do and experience in the Czech Republic?
  16. Which country that we've visited/lived in did you get the best "bang for your buck?"
  17. In which country were you the most uncomfortable with insects?
  18. You have to live in a rural part of a country we've lived in/visited. Which country would you choose?
  19. Which country that we've visited were you the most pleasantly surprised by?
  20. If you had to pick one country to backpack, not including the country that we will backpack in the next couple of months (sorry, not telling you which it will be yet!), which would you pick?
  21. If you had to choose one city that we've visited to live in for the rest of your life and couldn't leave, which would you choose?
  22. You have to pick just one country that you most want to visit from each continent. For Australia, pick a city and just ignore Antarctica.
  23. What is one landmark or attraction that we've missed in our travels that you'd most like to see?
  24. What was the best and worst pizza you've had outside of New York?
  25. Out of all the countries we've visited and all of the international food we've eaten in the US, which country's food is represented the worst in the US?
  26. What was the best food you have had from another country in a different country?***
  27. What was your worst experience with beauty things, such as haircuts, eyebrows waxed, etc.?
  28. If you had to live in America for the rest of your life and you had to live in a specific state, but not New York or California, which would it be?

***When answering question 26, I said that I'd let you know the night market and the restaurant name, so here they are. Night market: Fengjia Night Market. Thai Restaurant: Maenem Thai Restaurant)

Thank you for listening/reading! Even though our wine wasn't very good, we hope that the podcast episode was! We'd love to hear from you, so please answer some of our questions from this episode with your own answers! 

Wine: Ludwig Prime Line - Chardonnay (Czech Republic)