Jen Barua from Green Travelling 101 (Interview Episode 9)

In this episode, Matt and I had the honor of interviewing Jen Barua from Green Travelling 101. Jen has a travel website and course, which focuses on how to be green friendly and Earth conscious while traveling. She has been traveling the world before she could even walk and came to the realization when reading "Oceans in Peril" by John Christopher Fine at just eleven years old that the Earth is a delicate place and mankind is destroying it. She started practicing and advocating being green friendly ever since then and now offers a course for those who want to lessen their carbon footprint while they travel, all the way from the early stages of planning trips to their return home. 

In our exciting, hilarious, and enriching interview with Jen, we discuss tons of stuff, such as: 

  • Where she first lived and traveled abroad
  • What exactly Green Travelling 101 is and how the idea came about
  • What "Oceans in Peril" is about and how it impacted Jen's life from then to now
  • What exactly the Green Travelling 101 course entails and what else you can find on her awesome website
  • How we are impacting the Earth and its oceans with pollution, over-fishing, etc.
  • Which country/region was the most green-friendly and which country/region was the least green-friendly in her experience (and her response will surprise you!)
  • What her three-week long ocean conservation course was like in Hawaii where she cut open a dead bird!
  • What life is really like in Hawaii, South Korea, and India
  • Some confusing struggles we collectively all faced in South Korea-- one of which even included Jehovah's witnesses who were (ironically) our saviors one time!
  • How people in India use cow dung to be green friendly (yes, I did just use "India," "cow dung," and "green-friendly" in the same sentence)
  • Public defecation in India! Woohoo!
  • Cultural differences across India
  • What she does to make Earth a greener place while living abroad
  • A sweet peek into a specific module in her course, such as how to be green friendly with accommodation while traveling
  • Advice for aspiring travelers

Thank you so much, Jen, for the awesome interview! We had a blast chatting with you and hope you had a blast, too! 

For our readers/listeners, thank you for tuning in! You can find Jen's website here. You can also connect with her on Facebook and Pinterest. And, if you prefer, you could also listen to the interview on iTunes!

Wine: An unknown red wine (we suck and forgot to write it down! Yikes!)