Matt Kepnes from Nomadic Matt (Interview Episode 7)

Matt and I got the incredible opportunity to interview the one and only Matt Kepnes from Nomadic Matt! He has been a huge inspiration to us and our travel lifestyle, so we managed to organize an interview with the legend himself. In this interview episode, we talked to Matt about:

  • His first experiences with international travel and what made him want to continue traveling
  • What drove him to quit his job and travel the world full-time
  • His experiences teaching English in Bangkok, Thailand and Taipei, Taiwan
  • The evolution of his family's thoughts and feelings towards his traveling lifestyle
  • His most frightening and shocking (or should I say disgusting?) moments
  • Where he stays when traveling
  • The one country he'd live in for the rest of his life if he had to choose
  • Where he's lived in the US and his favorite place to live there
  • What country he wants to most re-visit
  • What are positives and negatives of traveling solo and with other travelers
  • The best international nightlife
  • Some advice to aspiring travelers

And more!

Thank you so much for chatting with us, Matt! You can check out his world-famous blog here and find awesome travel tips, stories, travel books, and more.

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Thank you for listening! Cheers and happy travels!

Wine: A red wine that was entirely in Japanese! Oops!