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Words with Winos

A travel podcast and blog fueled by wine

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wino /ˈwīnō/ 
(noun) a person who drinks excessive amounts of cheap wine or other alcohol, especially one who is homeless


The Podcast

Every episode features two key things: no-nonsense travel talk and lots of wine.
New episode every other Thursday!
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The Blog

For every podcast episode I release, I create a corresponding blog post for those who may not be podcast fans. I even create blog posts that have nothing to do with the podcasts!
Either way, one is released every other Thursday.
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My Travels: Past, Present, & Future

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Taught English Abroad in 4 Countries & online

As a means of income and cultural experience, I've taught English abroad in Thailand, South Korea, and Vietnam. I've been teaching ESL online for 2 1/2 years as well. Currently, I’m teaching English in a public school in Shenzhen, China!

Dongmen Market Shenzhen, China

Explored 27 Countries since 2014

I've explored 27 countries since I started my journey and have lived in 7 of them for at least 3 months at a time! At the moment, I reside in Shenzhen, China.

Mui Ne Vietnam

Backpacked through Vietnam, Taiwan, & EAstern Europe

I backpacked through both Vietnam and Taiwan-- and fell in love with both! I also recently completed a backpacking trip through Eastern Europe and the Balkans. It was a trip of a lifetime! For three weeks in January and February, I will backpack through Cambodia, Laos, and Northern Thailand! Stay tuned!

I’m quite the social Butterfly. I'd love to connect with you on any and all of My many social networks!

Current Location: Shenzhen, China